PAL games with territory lockout on a US Genesis?

Started by abdd, March 04, 2004, 10:46:25 PM

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Is it possible to mod a Genesis (3) to play PAL games with a territory lockout (such as Alien Soldier)? From what I can understand the game check for somthing in the RAM, so I guess a 50/60hz switch won't do it?
Hope some one can help.



I've never heard of such things as "checking for something in the RAM" since the RAM is blank when the system is powered on.  Yes, the Gen3 can be modded like any other genesis, using the guide on


Yeah I can see that dosnt make sense. I probably misunderstood it, here's what it said in the FAQ that can be found on a lot of sites:

"Basically what the routine does is to check the hardware address in RAM that specifies what kind of Genesis the game is running on (Japanese, US, European, etc), and if that doesn't match the intended territory, the game locks up with an error message."

Does it just check for 50/60hz then? Do you think Alien Soldier will work on a US Genesis (3) if I add a 50/60hz switch? Thanks.


That FAQ is like 200 years old.  The cartridge asks the system "what region am I?" and that answer is determined by the jumper settings.

Yes, AS will run if you change it to 50Hz (But you might not get a display on your TV if you do - sometimes you can trick it by booting @ 50 and switching back to 60 once it's going.  


I'm a little confused, why is there a chance it won't it display on my TV? I have a PAL TV by the way if that means anything.
I want to play it at 50hz because it's PAL optimized.
Thanks for all your help.