The super mario rpg Super drama story

Started by quadra, March 03, 2011, 02:01:27 AM

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Dear reader,

We start off my story with me buying a japanese version of super mario rpg. When i received it i was so happey I heard so much good things about super mario rpg. Whilst running down my room i figured i didn't have a japanese snes ;) A week later i bought a super famicon and started playing super mario rpg, when playing I figured I didn't know how to read Japanese. So another 40 euros after that I bought Super mario RPG (US ). trying to do the mod lifting pin 127 didn't work, no screen. Giving it 5 volt would give me the intro with the cloudey background but it never showed peach but the sound kept going on. When desperatley trying to find whats wrong i got some solder on like 3 pins. After that i started to cry, being able to remove some solder i tried it again, black screen. When i was "cleaning"it again i broke of pin 127 :( What should i do now? Is the mod still possible? without the 5v it wouldn't display anything on my modded pal snes. Any luck from now on? would a Us snes still be a saver or is the cart ruined? Does anyone on this forum live in the EU( The netherlands) and might be able to fix my shit up? I hope someone would be able to assist me. A point of notice aswell, the battery was leaking and i tried replacing it. No luck as i wasn't able to resolder a battery beacuse the solder doesnt stick to it

Kind regards,