N64 brightness problem

Started by germy, March 04, 2004, 05:21:37 AM

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i have a problem with my european PAL N64.
the color white is too bright.
i first realised it in snowboard kids and mario kart 64.
every color is OK ,but only white is terrible.

first i thought there is a problem with the cable ( multi out  to   scart), but i tried it on my SNES and there were absolutely no problems. i tried to adjust the color settings on my TV but this didn't help..if the TV brightness is really dark, the problem is still there.
it doesn't matter what i do , nothing helps.
I'm wondering because its only the white color which is tooi bright.
i also cleaned all the contacts on the multiout connector.

if someone knows a sollution, please let me know.
it's important, because i can't drive on snow tracks in mario kart 64 =)