the dream handheld mod/commission. Can anyone help me?

Started by 3rdman, January 29, 2011, 03:27:12 PM

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So I would like to mod a Timetop Gameking with a modern (big & backlit) screen. I know that's next to impossible, or at least a huge, HUGE pain in the ass. However I would like to solicit opinions.

(please keep in mind that I am a layman, in regards to technical jargon:)

I understand that handhelds are programmed with custom video signals to the LCD, but I figure, if a TV out circuit could be built, then it could be wired to a modern screen. There is a website (archived from 2004) which gives me hope that one day this project could be realized. Is there anyone around here with expertise in the field of  timings and resolution of LCD screens?   

Any advise would be welcomed.

link to gameking screen capture mod etal    .......