Any interest if i build to order the PCE pluggable RGB modbox ?

Started by bigsanta, December 04, 2010, 06:02:59 AM

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i've been having a think about building more pc engine RGB modbox'stm and selling them,that's if there's any interest from anyone wanting one ,as i have enough kit left for making about four more modbox's tm

At the minute, i'd prefer UK customers if there's any demand for it .


Quote from: duo_r on December 06, 2010, 01:41:35 PM
which RGB amp do you use?

The three Q's (BC337  transistor) version !


I was going to get around to doing one myself but I might get one from you if the price was right. I live in the USA.


how much will you charge?

I have a uk address ( former home, occupied by relatives)


Sorry about taking so long to respond to this topic.
Well i've been knocking a few out to people on ntsc-uk and the total cost including 1st class recorded delivery ,has been £32.98 paypal accepted ,payment sent as a paypal gift.Sorry ,but i'm just sticking with those in the UK.

Here's the one i'll be posting off tomorrow
pc engine rgb modbox


Is your connector capable of attaching to all the pins?