Rerouting & combining a switch, help!?

Started by macabre, December 03, 2010, 01:50:48 PM

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In a project I'm working on I have two controller adapters, that have a button on each that "activate" the analog sticks of the adapted controller. Each time the system is turned on, one has to press the buttons. I'm building these components inside of a shell, and want to combine and reroute these two buttons to a single button on the outside of the shell.

This is probably very common / novice knowledge and technique, but I"m rather new at this. If this were a mere switch, with two solder points, I could put this together easy. But...

The buttons are "tactile" switches, and I'm not sure how I can solder/attach another switch, let alone combine both?

For reference, here are pictures; The front (button) side, with the button in the middle, and the back side showing four solder points.


That's a simple two-leg switch, with each leg duplicated.  You'll need a multimeter to work out which leg is which.

Does that help?


So two of the four legs on the switch are from the same path on the circuit?

Will I be able to combine the set of legs from two of these adapters' circuit boards into one tactile switch? (merge two ta tile switches to one?)


 All four legs will be soldered down, but two of them might not be connected to a trace on the PCB.  Functionally it makes no difference, of course.

Yes, of course you can use one switch to control both boards.  Assuming of course the boards have no problem with it.  If they explode it's your fault.  Not mine.  =)