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Pc Engine Cd Mods

Started by Broken, October 30, 2010, 07:48:54 AM

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Hi I was wondering I think an Rgb mod is the main best mod to do on a Pc Engine Cd system?

I have very little experience of rgb modding in general. Is it easy to spoil Pc Engine Duos trying the mod? Is it really difficult for the first time?

The systems I could attempt to mod are a grey super cdrom 2 unit, a duo and a duo-r.

Anything would be appreciated.


It's a very simple mod.  The RGB amp is a tiny PCB that you can work on before installation, and when it's installed there aren't many wires: RGB in and out, power and ground.  A little work to create the new connector, and you're done.


Hi thanks Lawrence, but I know you're a bit of a genius with all this stuff.

I hear you're in Australia now?


hi hung kuen, rgb mod for pc engine apparently is not that hard, but if you not familar witj soldering, best left with the experts, if you are based in Hong Kong, I know a modder who does it at reasonable price (cheaper than UK. most modder won't touch anything older than 10 years old), he did a rgb with 8 pin din output and ps1 rgb scart convert to a pc engine 21 pin japanese rgb conversion and blue led mod for my pc engine duo, for HK$450, if i had done in uk, would off cost GBP85 plus postage from london.


i just seen your profile, your based in uk, raven games still do mods for pc engine, but it's pricey, at 35gbp for basic rgb mod, 20gbp for rgb colour boost (rgb amp ) scart, then if you want it cleanly modded, ie, din socket, it's would cost more, unless you can do it yourself


They sell the full kit to rgb mod your pc engine your self £20.00

QuoteA PC Engine RGB mod kit. Included in the package are the following components:

   1. Completed SCART cable with built in amp
   2. 8 pin circular configuration DIN socket with RGB wires already soldered.
   3. Full instructions for modding your system. Please specify which system you are modding and we will send a tailored guide.

DO NOT BOTHER WITH RAVEN GAMES ,as they do the worst rgb mod around.They have the scart cable wired inside the console,so you can't remove it at all.Then they want you to buy another scart cable with the amplifier inside which plugs into the first scart cable.

There's just no need for anyone to do that crappy modification ,especially with the improvements which have been made .

When i get the rest of my terminals delivered,i'll post up my external rgb mod and amp.needs no soldering ,really simple ,you just plug it in .


raven games, yes, that hardwired scart for i believe gbp39.99, colour booster scart (really a scart with simple rgb amp) for gbp19.99, but if you wanted a 8 pin din socket rgb mod, cost you gbp59.99 plus gbp14.99 for 8 pin din to scart cable, that was 6 years ago when i last checked, if you want to do my choice, rgb mod, 8 pin din, and din to scart cable plus a blue light mod, it would off costed around gbp85 plus courier from uk, i thought it was too expensive at the time, still think it very pricey, but what choice do you have in uk.

a few years later, with the diagram  and schematics from internet, tried to get a tv repairer to do it, he struggled so i ended up in getting it done in hk.

he is quite good

is a rgb amp needed for pc engine rgb mod via an xrgb2 plus, i still find the colours still too vivid or other anolomies?


Hi everyone thanks a lot for all your info and effort, all of which was very helpful and that I can use.

I haven't checked the Raven Games site for years. It always was expensive, everything in it. A games shop in or near London is going to be though so it wasn't really a surprise.

I actually have a Core grafx that was modded like you said with the scart cable wired inside the console with the other scart cable with the amplifier inside which plugs into the first scart cable. I think this was also known as the colour booster scart cable. It was expensive as well. However this was about 10 years ago now where this mod was more common. The din socket type mod started becoming more popular, perhaps a couple of years after this at least in the Uk I think. The mod was done by a retro games shop in London Sheperds Bush I think. It was called 'Retro X'. They had an ebay account as well back then. I think Retro X closed in about 2003? I think Retro X was also quite expensive but again being in London it's probably going to be. I met the younger guy who worked there, but thought he was a bit of a dick. He had dark hair, a bit long and unfortunatly had quite a big ass. Don't get me wrong I've probably stuffed a few burgers into mine as well but that guy had another system. I think his Dad or someone older also had interests in the shop as well. The younger guy said he could actually do the mod but was actually going to get someone else to do it on this occasion for a reason I couldn't remember. Maybe he's changed a bit or maybe he hasn't. Not sure about any other changes, like the size of his backside but I'm not as interested in that although you may think so but anything for a laugh. My guess is bigger. I know a bit nasty here but like I said at the time, he was more of a tool than I was.