Turbo Express: Import Mod

Started by NFG, October 04, 2010, 11:16:21 PM

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It may be one of the oldest pages on GameSX.com, but it still works.  The TurboGrafx / PC Engine import mod is simple, though getting past the shielding on these portables is a little tricky.  Of course with this mod you still need a Kisado or similar adaptor.

Simple: Connect pin 29 to GND.

Remember this only needs to be done for Japanese units where you want to play US/PAL games.  Keep this in mind before you waste time opening and modding a US system like I just did.  It won't hurt, but it makes you feel like an idiot.  =(


oh I know the pain of modding for no reason.  I've built many amps to boost the rgb signal of one system (about 6 in total) and wound up just using only one for the brightness wire of the s-video cord..