PSX Drive compatibility

Started by oerg866, September 15, 2010, 02:40:02 AM

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Hi guys.

I was wondering how I could make a SCPH-1002 drive work in a SCPH-9002 PSX. The drive cable is lengthed to fit and then soldered onto the SCPH9002 board. It seems to do something, but I cant get the CD to spin... Laser is on all the time. Pushing the  close pin makes it do a focus thingy and then goes back to "idle lasering". Any advice?



ok I know this is an old post but heres my reply

sometimes the 4 wires that go to the motor and stop switch are reversed, or flipped.  the easiest way is to follow the trace and see
on each tray which way they go.  sometimes the white coded wire is not the same from model to model. fortunately the other flat cable
if it reaches hasn't had the same cruel joke done to it.