AfterBurner 2 Hard Disk Installer

Started by trap15, April 19, 2010, 03:29:19 PM

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Tired of loading your X68k (or an emulator) with AfterBurner 2's disks? Well toil no more, I have written a Hard Disk installer!  ;D
It uses my XPatch to patch various parts of the game to load from the hard disk. It then relocates all the files onto the hard drive (in it's own subdirectory), allowing for easy access. After installing, just change directory over to the ABII directory on the hard drive, and type ``run'' (without the quotes) and enjoy AfterBurner 2!
To install, you MUST type ``install [Disk1] [Disk2] [HDD]'' (no quotes), where [Disk1] and [Disk2] are the drive letters for the AB2 disks, and [HDD] is the drive letter for the target drive. It waits for you to confirm that the disks are in before using, so if you for some reason only have 1 drive, you can use that single one for both. An example usage is ``install C C A'' (no quotes), which loads from C:, and installs to A:.
(I'll upload here as well, just in case my site goes down!)