Arcade RGB to SCART RGB to YUV

Started by bile, March 31, 2010, 06:01:53 AM

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I recently purchased a SCART RGB to YUV converter from specialty-av on ebay ( Besides some deinterlacing artifacts perhaps introduced by my TV it looks great when using a Saturn SCART cable. When I connect my MVS into it however the image is fairly clear but jumpy. It sheers some but I'm not noticing an obvious pattern. Additionally my Sega STV doesn't seem to sync at all.

Any recommendations? JROK Sync Cleaner perhaps?


Arcade hardware(At least most of it, all jamma boards) use TTL level RGB signals, they are stronger than Scart RGB signals. Using a 150 ohm resistor on each of  R,G,B and Sync signals usually does a fair job for most TVs and such.

Try that first, it might be the problem.

Arcade Boards tend to use other timings on the sync than consoles do aswell, that might also be a problem, one that it is hard to do anything about.


I tried varying values (100,330,1000) on sync and the color components. No difference in the jerky behavior. I did notice though that when I placed my multimeter probes on either end of the resistors the jerkiness mostly stopped.


In this thread it looks like eastbayarb just did a straight 1 to 1 connection from his MVS-1F which is also what I have. Perhaps its the HDTV I'm using having issue with the sync.