Extron VSC 100 input lag?

Started by Arasoi, March 21, 2010, 09:19:52 AM

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I am looking at buying one of these units for a good price but I have some concerns about input lag.


It is an Extron scaler, it can take VGA signals and output 15khz RGBs signals, as well as a few other neat features. My plan is to pipe the VGA output of my Micomsoft Xselect D4 into this unit, and then from there to my Sony PVM 20N2U RGBs monitor and Holo3d input card via my Audio Authority 0985U distro amp. (My Sony PVM does not take component input, I am really beginning to hate this dorked up fake RGB format invented for crappy copy protection)

The signals I am going to be piping into the Xselect are 480i/480p component from my Wii and Macrovision disabled component output from a DVD player, which will have an assumably painless/lag free conversion to 480p VGA in the Xselect. From there, it would go into this Extron VSC 100 to be converted to RGBs. Since the signal is 480p going in, scaling might not actually take place inside the Extron, rather just H/V sync combining into composite sync. I am not sure about this for sure, however.

My question is, will this Extron unit introduce input lag for gaming when scaling the VGA input? I know Extron makes very high quality stuff, but I am not sure how their scalers/video processors rate against something like the XRGB units in terms of input lag when playing classic games.

Any help greatly appreciated, as always.