Gamecube Spdif with CS8406

Started by JustRelax, February 05, 2010, 12:42:37 AM

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Hey, i have left a CS8406 and want to mod my cube. the TC9231N is almost not available here nad when then arround 100€  :o
but im not very confirm with the singnals. can i use the raw signals from the GC digital out ? (DATA, BCK, LRCK,) or do i need the 74HC04 like in the TC9231N circuit.
Is the masterclock the same ,too (12.2880 MhZ)
how i know if its the right masterclock, i mean how can i calculate it or so.
ist the GC audio aoutput a I2S ?

so thats enough questions i think :-)

thanx and greets



I'm interested in modding my Cube, too. I've found all the parts, but I'm not sure about which crystal to use. Can somebody point me to a working one? Or can I use any 12.228 Mhz crystal?