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Started by Kouske, February 07, 2004, 07:44:54 AM

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Gonna buy a soldering iron sometime soon, may even be tomorrow.
Anyways, next to the names are shown Volt and Watts. Does this matter to when i mod stuff, or should there be a limit.
Im thinking about a 230V 25W.
But i want to make sure so that i don't screw up later on.


Volts need to be matched to  your region, obviously a 220v unit in North America is useless.  Watts are basically an indication of how fast and well it heats up and stays heated.  More is better, but you don't need LOTS.  I have a Weller 35Watt unit, and it's served me for YEARS.


Quoteobviously a 220v unit in North America is useless.
Not if you plan to solder by your dryer  
Why are you reading this?


I have a 20w ceramic soldering iron.  It clearly draws way more than 20 watts at first, because it heats up in a minute.  Then it maintains a very low temperature for a soldering iron, but still perfectly usable.  You just don't have problems with the handle getting too hot and all that nonsense.  The best part was that I got it for $20US.  Unfortunately they don't sell them anymore.  I can't even get a replacement tip, and I really need one.  Ahh well.  

Anyway, I would try to find a ceramic iron if I were you.  I think you can get one for like $45US mail order, with shipping.  I'm sure they sell 220 versions.  


Found a Ceramic soldering iron 230v/25W for 16$
and an
Weller 230v/25W for 26$

Witch do you suggest.


just a warning:

seems you have found what you want but anyway, you dont need masses of watts.. i have a weller 240v 60w and if i leave it on too long the handle gets almost too hot to touch, you dont need that much heat..

i am an idiot, i try to get the best of everything.. "look these numbers are bigger and its more expensive, it must be better".. dont be like me


Anything below that is actually more expensive :huh:

except for a weller 230v/15W witch is 26$ like the other weller
and an antex 240v/18W witch is slightly cheaper


So, any suggestions or comments. Perhaps both:D


Where did you find the $16 ceramic iron?  I definately suggest that.  I love mine, but it needs a tip, like I said.  


A danish online electronics shop.
Asked them and they said that they don't have spare tips for the ceramic but they do have for the weller.
How long can the ceramic be used before the tip is useless.


Of course, the general rule of soldering irons is to not burn yourself with one like I did today. Man, burning flesh does not smell good.