PC Engine to AES adapter

Started by Midori, September 20, 2009, 05:17:20 AM

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This part of the boards seems more or less dead :-) Let's revive it!

I had nothing to do yesterday so I bought some parts and realised my idea of making a controller adapter so I can use my Neo controllers on my PC Engine.

First I needed som info, most of my plans were based on mmmonkeys great guide for converting a NES pad to PCE use. ( http://www.mmmonkey.co.uk/console/pce/pad.htm ) I was too eager to begin though so I didn't use their diagram for the mini din connector but instead wrote one of my own based on the info available here instead. Worked out fine anyway.

After that it was... Straightforward. Just followed my modified version of the guide and had few problems. A few pics of the finished product:

Pic from the front, the PCE controllers are very simple inside. If you want rapid fire or more buttons it becomes a bit more complex though. 2 buttons without rapid was enough for me though... this time.

Perhaps not a perfect pic of the backside of the pcb. But there's not that much to see anyway.

Found a nice box in a corner to put everything in, didn't mount the pcb but all the wires and the small space makes it sit securely anyway.

The mini-din soldering went very smooth, I was anxious first but it turned out well in the end. The connector was much to thick though. Had to operate a bit on it with a suitable knife but now it fits perfectly.

Excuse my awful writing skills if you find anything that sounds strange :-)

edit. No picture scaling huh... fixed, smaller pictures now. No scrolling any more.


Nice work.  Putting it in the box makes it look a little pro, and very clean.