D-Terminal to component adapter?

Started by Anthony1, August 31, 2009, 12:28:27 PM

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I was able to get my hands on a GameCube D-Terminal adapter, but I'd rather it was just a regular GameCube component cable. The GameCube component cables seem to be quite a bit more expensive than the D-Terminal cables, so I went the D-Terminal cable route.  I used to have a component to D-Terminal adapter that came with my XRGB2+, but I sold all of that away a long time ago. I got another XRGB2+, but this one didn't come with anything other than the power adapter.

Anybody know where I can get a D-Terminal to component adapter for a decent price?


The component cable for the Gamecube is very expensive because of its semi-rarity. It's hard to get the hands on such an cable, but once you was lucky enough to get one you wont ever give it away anymore. I am using this cable with my gigantic sized plasma flatscreen and the picture rocks. You don't have to and you shouldn't lead the component signal through a XRGB-3 or any other scaler, its perfect like it is, any alteration adds distortion and downgrades the really nice picture quality.  Same for XBOX-1 used with the Componentcables and PS2 with Componentcables. If the Console is able to spit out an progressive component signal: Dont scale it! Though, for other (vintage) consoles the XRGB-3 indeed is the best scaler you can get. The NES through the XRGB-3 looks awesome (I have a RGB modded one), the Playstation-1, Saturn, Snes, NeoGeo MVS and all the other vintage consoles just look amazing through the XRGB-3. Getting such an D-Terminal Adapter can be hard, there is only one with each unit, i would need 2 more also. If you find a source let me know.

Sabishii Hito

I have one myself I got from Yahoo Japan Auctions via Celga, but I've seen some Sony-branded ones for sale on eBay.  Just search for "d-terminal cable" and you should be able to find them.  They aren't too expensive. 

*EDIT*  I'm not sure the cable will work in your situation since it's male- male, unless you feed the GC D-Terminal cable into the XRGB2+ and then use the D-terminal/component cable to connect the XRGB+ to a TV with component inputs. 


I had no idea the GC component cable was rare, I think I got mine in a regular game shop a few years back.