Marketplace Forum, or Rules about selling things

Started by skforty, August 21, 2009, 03:56:08 AM

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I posted my XRGB2+ on FEEBay awhile ago, it went for a ton, but then the guy didnt pay.  :(  I am going to post it again, but i thought a community like this would have more use for it.  Is there a forum that i didnt see for selling stuff.  Im sure it would be useful as some people want RGB from their systems and arent technical enough to do it, could serve a purpose if people were willing to sell their mods etc.  Are there rules about posting things for sale here?  Sorry, i looked but couldnt find anything.  Thanks for the info!


There's no marketplace forum, and there's not likely to be one in the future. I won't presume to speak for Lawrence, but personally I'm not interested in putting in the labor that would be required to support such an effort. If you're going to offer something for sale at GamesX, make sure the post is on-topic in the appropriate subforum and follows all the normal rules (be polite, use complete English spellings, no complaints if you get no response or negative response.)