External 5.25 on a Compact. Yes.. another Compact thread, sorry.

Started by TurfMasta, August 19, 2009, 07:42:12 AM

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Working from the PC-Floppy to External port pinouts, I am tyring to get a regular 5.25 working on my Compact.  Luckily the compact's 40 pin connector is near identical to the regular 37 pin with the remaining 3 pins being ground.

No luck getting it to boot however.  The disk is read, but the system keeps attempting to spit it out.  I set the internal ID switch to 2 & 3, and the cable I made doesnt have a twist.  I'm going to try a few more of my games tomorrow and probably pick up another 5.25 from a local shop to see if that could be the problem.

Anyone think of anything else that I should try on my current drive, jumpers, etc?

Thanks all!



If you set internal id to 2-3 position in the switch, I assume that your regular 5 1/4 floppy must be ds0, and perhaps your 5 1/4 is set by default manufacturer like ds1.

You must see the 5 1/4 pcb looking for a jumper or pcb pad that says ds0 or ds1 and see wich is jumpered or soldered.

Perhaps this is your problem.

Can you make photos of the wiring of your 5 1/4 drive and the pcb ???