Snes imports don't work

Started by Kouske, February 04, 2004, 01:42:56 AM

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Hey guys. Recently bought some SNES JAP games for my PAL SNES.
I bought this adapter and it works fine.
But for some reason, on 2 of my 5 games. It says that the games aren't supported for this Super Nintendo or SNES console.

Any idea why this is happening.
Does it have anything to do with hardware in the console itself???


It really depends on the adapter. There were tons of different adapters released as the old ones didn't work with new games.

I think Super Mario RPG is the only game that will not work with any adapter.
In fact, I think it only works on a unmodified US SNES. Correct me if I'm wrong.

So what games aren't working?


Romancing Saga 3 and Secret of Mana 2.
Both are Japanese games.

And the adapter is the honeybee adapter from Lik Sang


Have you installed the 50/60Hz switch?  I can't speak for JAP imports but I have some PAL games that won't boot at 60Hz.  However you can just switch on at 50Hz and then when you go past the detector part (usually after the nintendo logo on most games) just switch to 60.  But I do know of one game, Super Street Fighter II, which must perform the 50/60Hz check at random intervals in the game.

BTW, correct my if I'm wrong but isn't the lockout chip in the snes essentially the same as the one in the cart?  If so wouldn't it be possible to take a lockout chip from a cheapo import and install it in the snes with appropiate switches to switch between the two?  All you would have to do is make it so only one lockout chip can 'talk' to the cart and the chip what can't talk is disables using the regular lockout chip disable method.
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Haven't installed any kind of mod yet. :unsure:  


QuoteRomancing Saga 3 and Secret of Mana 2.
Both are Japanese games.

And the adapter is the honeybee adapter from Lik Sang
They're both fairly new games so it's likely it's a problem with the adapter.

If I remember correctly I had a "Universal Adapter UD-29" back in the day and it played pretty much every game I threw on it.



Those adapters only defeat the lockout chip, they can't do anything about the 50/60Hz check.  

Once you install a 50/60Hz switch your games should run.  Every JAP game I've tried does.  I haven't had any complaints from anyone who bought a modded SNES from me, so I'm assuming all their games have worked.  

If you're in Australia (I'm guessing from the timezone you're in) and don't want to do it yourself I can sell you a premodded PAL SNES.


If you don't want to do the mod becuase you have no experience in soldering, don't be too afraid. I'm a total nerd in electronics, my hand tremble like there's no tomorrow, and I still was able to do both the 50/60hz and the region mods. Just don't try to do it in 5 minutes, take the time to do things well.


on the other hand.. i have plenty experience soldering and i fried my snes while modding it... i dont want to put you off.. you should be ok. just dont do it if you are tired or have a headache or anything that could cause you to lose concentration.. do everything slowly and carefully.. i tried it at ~1am and i turned over the board without thinking and the switch i had already joined fell on the board putting 5v somewhere.. no more snes.

otherwise if your healthy and well rested, go for it.


Thanx for all the support guys.
My gamebit drivers arrived today and im gonna open up my snes later on.
Gonna take all the time i need to do it right, so hopefully it will be a success.

EDIT: Though the only mod i can't do is 50/60  mod because i don't know where to get that switch thingie.