Nintendo 64 NTSC-JAP Weirdness

Started by simonbelmont2, June 25, 2009, 10:58:03 PM

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I've modded my console (I only remove the tabs to play NTSC-US games) and I've put 2 games (all that I have) to test if it view in colors or in black and white on my PAL TV (I think it's PAL :D).
When I play Mortal Kombat Mithology Sub-Zero NTSC-US it view in colors  (??? this is inormal I think).
When I play Zelda Majora's Mask it view in black and white (this is normal I think).
So... what makes the Mortal Kombat Mithology Sub-Zero NTSC-US to view in colors?
P.S.: my console isn't modded with RGB and my cable that I connect my console to TV is from my Super Nintendo PAL.



I solved the mystery ;D. My TV support both signals NTSC/PAL (tested with my NES PAL/NTSC, SNES PAL/NTSC, N64 PAL/NTSC)