Genesis Joystick controller

Started by Agentspikey95, February 01, 2004, 04:01:17 PM

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I couldn't sleep, so, driven by my mom and grandpa's liking for Ms. Pac Man for my genesis, i ditched the irony of using Atari 2600 controllers on my genesis, i made somewhat of a neogeo controller for genesis. I fiddled through my grandfathers fastner empire and found what i need, tore a sega 6-button control pad apart, did my thing, put it back to gether and tested it on sonic 2, then, Mrs. Pac Man. Sucess! the best idea i had since a homemade genny controller out of an old remote. my incandecent-fuled insomnia produced this:
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althopugh, oddly enough, it didn't have a chip, just a black mound/dot/thing at the top by the thru holes for the wires
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that black mound thing is basically a chip.... one that you can't solder to... atleast without doing more work than is worth.

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that looks really cool....Id  do it myself if you wanna write a step by step mod for it :) theres actually an old skool Genesis official arcade pad with the arcade stick. Its one of my faavorites cause its weighted and I dont think any other company had that.  Of course its huge, so yours is great for portable goodness :)

I design PCBs for retro game systems :)


I'd be glad to make a guide, but i wanna do some more things, i wanna put in an LED or sumthing, and make some fancier mods to it. Her's what i got so far(sorry for the crappy pics):
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