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Started by Djlynx, May 04, 2009, 08:23:19 AM

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Hey everyone, i'm new, so i'm pretty much a noob at this.

I'm having a problem with my N64 which I was told could be fixed. I used to live in Australia and it would be in colour, now I live in Argentina, and for some reason my Nintendo 64 is in black and white. Why is this? I think it has something to do with converting Pal to NTSC, whatever that is.

Can someone please help me?

Thank you so much


Welcome to GamesX. We like it when everyone does research before asking questions. Related to your problem, the EU-region console you have displays color and image size differently from a US-region console. Please have a look at this page for a quick primer:

This is not a problem that needs to be repaired, but a function of the video output hardware. I encourage you use the search function of the forums to look for previous topics on the same subject.


Is there any way I can get it in colour again?

Thanks for helping


Well, you could extract the video encoding IC and the timing crystal, and replace them with the equivalent components from an NTSC console. You could also import an Australian-region television that's already known to use the same video standards as the N64 you currently own. Or you could just run the signal through one of the hundreds of commercially available video signal convertors. Here's the first one that showed up in a Google search:

Probably the easiest solution that doesn't involve a mod or extra parts is to just source an N64 from the local market that works with local TVs.


The only problem with buying an N64 from Argentina is that I am pretty sure their consoles have USA/JPN lockout chips so wont play PAL N64 games  :(

Also Argentina uses PAL-N which is not quite PAL or NTSC, theres some more info here:-

I think your best bet is to try and find a convertor from PAL to  PAL-N, or buy a multi-standard capable TV. I have seen NTSC to PAL convertors, but not PAL to PAL-N so I guess you would just have to ask around in electronics shops, make sure you tell them what TV connection you are using (RF, Composite or S-Video)

Kendrick's idea of swapping over the Video IC's and crystal is a good one, but unfortunately most PAL N64's use a totally differently shaped/packaged Video IC (DENC-NUS) that was never used in NTSC consoles. However most of the DAC/Encoder chips used in the N64 can be switched between outputting NTSC and PAL encoding by giving a certain pin +5V or Ground, but you still must have a crystal with the correct frequency . You could also swap over the PIF-NUS lockout chip from your PAL console into an Argentinian N64 console.

Last two options are to rebuy all your N64 collection in Argentina, or buy an Argentinian N64 console and try and use an import adaptor to play your PAL games on it (However, import adaptors can be unreliable)

Hope that helps  :)