Late Model SNES Video Components Query

Started by Link83, April 29, 2009, 12:11:59 AM

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Hi all,
I am trying to find out some details about the SMT video components used on the last few revisions of the NTSC SNES, which have the motherboard codes 'SNS-CPU-RGB-01' and 'SNS-CPU-1CHIP-01', as both these boards use the 'S-RGB' video encoder chip.  I just want to confirm all the supporting components that were used on the video circuit and their values.

A full layout/schematic of the components would be fantastic, but not essential. In particular im interested in the RGB, Luma & Chroma, and C-Sync lines. I 'think' they will go something like this:-

(Picture is a modified version of Viletim's N64 Video Circuitry Schematic)

However, as you can see there are some '?' components that I dont know the value of (The diagram is mainly just assumptions by me at this point) and the C-Sync line is a total guess  ??? Please also note that the diodes are actually 'diode arrays' and look like transistors, but they are in fact two diodes packaged together.

Also, one other favour would be greatly appreciated - if someone could measure the 'DC offset' produced on the RGB lines. All you need to do is use an NTSC RGB cable (i.e. cable with 220uF capacitors in series on RGB) and a digital multimeter set to 20V DC, then connect the black probe to any Ground line on the RGB cable (or SNES motherboard), turn on the console, and then use the Red probe to measure the voltage on the Red, Green and Blue lines from the end of the cable (and if possible the Composite line aswell) Please be careful not to make a short though!

Alternatively if anyone here knows where I could buy one of these revisions of NTSC SNES console for cheap that would be fantastic  ;) I live in the UK so its hard enough just finding someone who will ship internationally, let alone finding a specific NTSC SNES revision! It doesnt matter if its 'motherboard only' (To be honest I would still be interested if it was broken!)

Many thanks in advance  :)