X68000 Monitor settings

Started by Broken, February 10, 2009, 03:58:15 AM

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Hi again I know I've only just posted about the floppies but I came across something else as well. I think I may have seen some info posted here previously about it.

I have an Iyama Vision Master Pro 450 monitor. Some of my games loaded but only played the sound. The games were working but with no graphics. I know I should have noted the words on the screen but I think it was regarding the sync monitor settings due to certain games only displaying at certain MHz sync monitor settings. Not sure if a new monitor is the only way to sort it?

Anything or points to previous posts would be greatly appreciated. I'll also have another check myself from the point headings.


Most games boot into a VGA-friendly 31kHz mode, but some will boot into 15kHz which may be freaking out your monitor.

I can't think of any offhand that boot into 24kHz mode...