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Started by phreak97, January 02, 2009, 12:27:32 AM

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I just came across something that i think is questionable but im not confident enough to say it's wrong and change it, so i started this thread, which can be for anyones questionables in any section of the wiki, not just the one i mention below.

on the page here it says pal av cables have a cap in series on the video, however when i pulled my official pal n64 cable apart, there was only the resistor.. would having an unrequired cap have any negative effect on the video?

by the way great job to whoever set that page up initially, i've been after that info for a long time.


Typically yes, the caps will not do good things if they're not required.  This depends mostly on the monitor tho, some will cope with it, others will (typically) display an image briefly then fade to black.


That sounds interesting! - are you sure its an official PAL N64 AV cable and not a PAL SNES AV cable? Both have grey 'Multi AV' plugs so there isnt any way to distinguish between then unless you know its origins...

I only ask as I am sure the European N64 needs a 75ohm resistor to ground and a 220uf capacitor in series (same for the PAL Gamecube) on the Composite line as there are actually 'spaces' left on the motherboard for these missing components, but since I have not managed to find a PAL SNES AV cable im not sure if they were different. Perhaps the Austalian N64's were different again? (Ive not seen a picture of an Australian motherboard) I always assumed they were exactly the same as the European N64's though...

Do you perhaps have a picture of this resistor in the cable?

Albino Vulpix set up the original 'PAL/NTSC' chart on the Wiki using some info from an older thread of mine, and I have added to it aswell  ;)


yeah, the snes av cable never got released in au as far as i know.. all mine have come from n64's.


Just spent the last few hours finding my PAL SNES and N64 AV cables, and it seems you are right  ;D Not sure why though! Have updated the thread here with pics:-

and have updated the Wiki aswell:-
Hopefully its abit more detailed now  :)


how do you open the connectors without marking the plastic? i've only ever opened one cos i wanted to make it happy with my ntsc consoles, i managed to mark the plastic a fair bit..


Ahh, trick of the trade!  ;)

I used to end up up messing the clips up too, and it bugged me aswell. So then I thought 'What if I used something made of plastic that was softer than the plastic clips used in the plug?'

...and so I ended up using a cheapo Bic pen lid!  ;D Sounds daft I know, but the little plastic bit on the lid thats sticks out to clip the pen onto something seems to be almost perfect for the job, and doesnt seem to make a mess of the plastic clips in the process (Or at the very least, not as much of a mess as using a flat head screwdriver does!) Takes alittle bit of practice to carefully prize the plugs edge open at the same time as pressing the clip in with the pen lid, but you soon get the knack of it.

Hope that helps  :)


Are all questions regarding this answered? (since I have a few original A/V cables for SNES, N64 and GC lying around)