Game Gear LCD Upgrade

Started by fireb1ade, December 03, 2003, 05:15:45 AM

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Would it be possible to find out the pin-outs for the Sega Game Gear screen, and replace it with a better quality tft screen?  Just a thought, but i think it would be a great mod!!!


The GameGear screen uses a proprietary digital format, so while the ultimate answer (as always) is "yes, it's possible" the herculean task is beyond the abilities of mere mortals.  Too much work, too much money, and for a GameGear?  <snicker>

Sorry.  =)


hmmm, maybe, but what if you could get a composite-out from the game gear??

have a look!


This may be a stupid question but...........

Could you reverse engineer this diagram

And get some sort of chip that will separate the blue/red/green to 4bits. Then since the blue bit is documented hook them up to the corresponding pins, would that work in getting a signal into the Gamegears screen? Maybe a cap or a ressistor to get the right contrast or wahtever too. :huh:  :D  


I worked with victor on that project.

That IS the reverse engineering.

TV froma gamegear is apparently very easy if you have that chip in the diagram  :D  :D  :D



....if you have that chip, lol.  i dont think playing GG on a tv would be all that great, anyhoo....but an LCD upgrade would be nice....
I design PCBs for retro game systems :)


could you not fit an lcd with composite input into the gamegear? do the tv mod but connect it to the lcd..