If you Overclock your N64.....

Started by Robert Ivy, February 14, 2004, 04:15:46 PM

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Robert Ivy

I have discovered that the later N64s (colorful models) handle overclocking far better than the grey models. The colored ones actually have a revised motherboard in them. I've heard of several N64 overclocking horror stories, but I bet they are all on grey models. Mine is a green one and she can run all night long and into the morning without stopping ;). My friends have purchased colored models and all have had success with their overclocks.  


what good happens after you over clock a n64?


Overclocking an N64 gives you better AI, faster charactors, and less lag when playing with 8 bots and 4 players (ie Perfect Dark). I currently take Computer Engineering so this system is definatly great to work with, next im going to work on a PSX, they only cost $30 at EB Games.


And RGB mod on PAL model N64. When it arrive ? When ?


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