NTSC SNES 50Hz switch wired to RF switch?

Started by wedley, September 14, 2008, 08:57:39 PM

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Hi, I've found several sites selly NTSC super nes/famicoms with a 50/60Hz switch wired to the CH3 CH4 swich at the rear of the console. Can anyone point me the direction of some instructions showing how to do this?

If I could get away with using the existing switch it would be a much neater job.




it.'s very easy, you just cut the traces to the switch (you have to open up the rf box) then wire to it like you would any other switch. i did it myself a while ago as my own idea.. i didnt know it'd already been posted somewhere.

if youre comfortable with basic electronics theory you can make the job a lot neater by getting the ground and 5v from inside the box instead of from the regulator, then just running one wire out to go the the ppus. i think i had to make a hole in the box somewhere to get the wire to run out of it with the metal cover back on.