bad colors on NTSC

Started by archenemy666, August 29, 2008, 06:57:21 AM

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i have chiped PAL PS1 console (scph-7002) and im using multi vga box
when i want to play ntsc games it looks like this

in some games import player dosnt help
how to fix it?


The mod chip vendors used to sell a something to fix this. It had names like colourfix or colourmod, and looked like a crystal oscillator covered in heatshrink with some wires poking out.

If you can use RGB that will also fix the problem.


Quick and dirty fix for your problem is tie down the NTPAL  (PIN 157 of the GPU) signal from the graphics chip to GND.

0= PAL

The GPU is the CXD8561BQ chip.

And on all *retail* PS1 consoles the chroma clock frequency is fixed. Meaning that once you tie down NTPAL signal to GND your console will effectively output PAL 60 video signal while playing NTSC games.