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Started by Kouske, January 22, 2004, 03:06:33 AM

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Been browsing the forums and noticed things about New and Old snes consoles.
And i looked at the 50/60Hz faq. Well it seems like a good idea and i was then wondering. How do i know witch version my SNES is.
And can you recommend a good and cheap soldering hardware and where can i get those gamebit screwdrivers that come in a pair for 50$


The old SNES is a big, ugly, block with shells that tend to yellow over time. But, I LOVE HER ANYWAY, DAMN IT! That's the one in which the 50/60Hz mod can be added. The new one is much smaller, sleeker (sort of like the love child of the American SNES and the everyone-else Super Famicom design). Not too hard to tell. Radio Shack is my home away from home for soldering parts, and I got my Gamebits from National Console Service (ncsx.com). The bits are only about $5 a piece, and can be used in a drill (so as not to be magnetized). Best of luck.


I have this SNES with bended edges.
So i presume that this is the new SNES.
BTW. It's PAL incase anyone wonders.
Am i correct


Ah! Me thinks yours is one of the nicer models, eh? I'm not sure about PAL models (they always sent us ugly stuff in the US; Japanese companies once thought we lacked any aesthetic taste in our home electronics  ;)  ). There may be several folks about who can help you out. Good luck!


Well compared to the US old snes model.
Then yeah. The PAL is alot nicer.
But thanx for the info.
Now if only someone can confirm wether  my SNES is old or new.  


I don't know if the PAL system ever saw a jr release, so it seems to me all PAL SNES units look the same.  In Japan + North America there was a Jr system which was identical in appearance in both regions, and was much smaller than the original.

In the case of the original model there's no way to tell from the outside what model PCB is inside.  Open it up and have a look.  


I'm quite sure Jr. was never released here.


That's right. No kiddies released in Europe. How about Australia, anyone know about that?



QuoteI'm quite sure Jr. was never released here.
So, would that mean we have the OLD version SNES in Europe. :huh:  


Not really. Lawrence said you'd need to look under the hood, so to speak. Just get the Gamebits (they're indispensible anyway) and have a look. He has a guide here to help you out.

SNES 50/60 Mod


No we have the SNES, not the SNES junior. But the SNES have two revisions, and you only can know what revision it is opening the console.


australia (i think the uk too, probably all pal) has only 1 kind of outer casing, it has no square corners, not like the original US snes. and you gotta open it to find out what it is. unless they actually did the serial codes on the underside in numeric order, my snes i had which WAS modable (old style board) had the serial number UP17211021 if yours is earlyer im guessing its probably modable, im now stuck (for now) with serial number: UP18103930 which is NOT modable :(

btw, the 1-cpu post was mine:P