Pal optimized SNES games

Started by wedley, August 11, 2008, 08:56:43 PM

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Anyone know if there's a list of Pal optimized SNES games anywhere on the net? Would be useful to have this info when deciding which version of games to buy?

The only game I know of is Mario Kart, but how far it's optimized I don't know

If you search Google for this info the only results are for the Wii Virtual console versions.

If any ones has any info would be greatly appreciated.




Anyone got any games to add to the list?


I remember playing PAL Mario Kart on a NTSC Super Famicom several years ago and man it was a "hardcore" experience...
When it didn't glitch, of course.


super mario world is optimized.. pretty sure the whole donkey kong series are. i think the big titles probably all were by the sound of it.. also anything that was programmed in europe would be full speed at 50Hz.

i'd like a full list though. hoping someone comes up with that.

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Super Mario world is definitely 50Hz optimized, it gets graphical issues in 60Hz. Also, nicely 50Hz optimized games will have lot of slowdown in 60Hz due to fact that you have more time between the frames to do calculations etc.
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Is Super Mario World truly PAL optimised?
It still has black bars, doesn't it: ?


It does, but not as big as they normally are.  When I switch PAL SMW to 60Hz on the title screen, the wooden plank border gets cropped top and bottom but the NTSC version displays fine.  It looks like the PAL version has been altered to make use of a little more screen space.  I think a few other PAL games do this.  I'm not 100% sure but I think Mario All Stars is one of them.
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If that's legit, that's the first time I hear about a PAL SNES game running faster than the NTSC counterpart (native).

I've read here and there (Bordersdown for example) various SNES games were slightly optimized. Like, a bit more lines and a bit more speed. Disadvantage is that when switching a PAL game on a modded PAL SNES to 60hz the image gets cropped and the gameplay too fast   9_6

I'm surprised I can't find a full list PAL optimized SNES games. Still no one has a good source? I got a few small sources:

It's hard to compare speed if you don't have both games, but DKC has big black borders in any case. Will check DKC2 and DKC3 as well when I have the time.


Another thing to consider is the possibility of games having been released non-optimized then fixed in later runs. I dont know if that applies to snes but it definitely applies to nes.


I can say that all 3 PAL Donkey Kong games get cropped when I switch to 60hz (as in, top and bottom of the image 'fall off' screen). This is not the case for, for example, Street Fighter II Turbo NTSC. I don't have any NTSC Donkey Kong, so I can't compare the speed, to say if it's fully or partly optimized.


This is just an assumption, but I wonder if Rare just took extra care into their PAL games, since they are a UK based company anyway.