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110v-220v PSU?

Started by thumpin_termis, June 04, 2008, 05:50:15 AM

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Within the next few years, I'll need to jump back & forth between 110/220 countries, and after reading about the Samsung Saturn that has a multi-voltage PSU that can handle pretty much everything, I was wondering if there's a way to make a standard 110v saturn PSU also handle 220v as well.

What would it take to do this, and is it worth the hassle?


I'd suggest using a simple stepdown.  Any unit suitable for a Saturn could be purchased cheaply, and it'll work well with other gear as well.  Nintendo doesn't include multi-region adaptors with their DS for example.


Yeah, that'd certainly be the most simple solution.

That said, I just modded my saturn with a 3-country + 50/60Hz switch, and I figure this would be the way it make it a "true" region free system.  :)

I mean, is it even possible, other than swapping a multi-voltage PSU from a Samsung saturn?  ???

I'm not much for electrical knowledge, but I can follow directions well enough & figure out the details to do the mods like the above...


I'm pretty sure the regular saturn consoles do fry when connected to wrong voltages.
I have a 1st gen gray saturn and it had originally an Yamaha PSU. I was unable to fix it when it blew because it had a black epoxi covered daughter board
with the PWM circuitry. I replaced it with a US 1st gen PSU and the Saturn has been fine since then. The original PSU blew back in 1996/1997.

So yes, the way to go is with a stepdown transformer.

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I have a huge auto-transformer for my US Dreamcast. The thing is so powerful I could use power tools with it (max 1KW load).
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