PS3 NTSC/PAL game differences

Started by Lechkovitz, May 15, 2008, 04:47:25 AM

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In all console history there were frame rate differences between PAL and NTSC versions of games. I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about but just for the heck of it: If we examen a game that's NTSC version generates 30 frames per second, it's PAL version will only generate 25 fps. Wich is a huge difference visually.
This has been always like this before, now my question is:
Now that we have a console that runs on HDTV Standards (like ps3) are there still such frame rate differences between European and American verisons of games ?


What I've seen on PS3 is that the games are still "hard coded" for their native regions when playing on SD (normal TV)
So if you have a PAL game and a NTSC PS3 you will need HDTV (Component or HDMI) to play the title.
A PAL console and NTSC title will have the same result.

Considering the current state of technology on the PS3 I assume that gameplay related issues (slower motion or music) has been solved and the game should play perfectly on any system (considering the SDTV problem I just mentioned).


Quote from: l_oliveira on May 15, 2008, 02:19:21 PMA PAL console and NTSC title will have the same result.

Are you sure about this? Because a PAL PS3 can play a NTSC DVD just fine( as long as there ain't no problems with regions) while a NTSC PS3 can not play a PAL DVD. Wouldn't there be a great chance that a PAL PS3 could play a NTSC PS3 game then( in SD of course)?


Yes I am sure. A PAL console will not boot a NTSC PS3 game disc unless you're using a High Definition display. (Progressive Scan in either Component video or HDMI)

For me it seems obvious that it's not a hardware limitation. It's something SONY decided to enforce. Maybe to keep people with older TV sets from calingl them all the time to tell them their game is broken, as now there's no region lockout. So they're expecting people hit the wall of video system incompatibility lol

Oh and the games have it written on small letters in a corner of their boxes. Just look for it.