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Started by exodus, September 22, 2003, 06:10:17 AM

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yeah.  So, new graphics, eh?  They're not bad.  You moving forward with the consolidation plan, or what?

will it all be under atarilabs, or the


I can't really decide what to do.  I probably should roll it all together, but the AtariLabs name has always suggested a kind of majesty, a little more style or grace than I'm able to muster consistantly.  I feel I'd be squandering it here...  On the other hand I have no better ideas for a name, and '' is kinda weak...


I really like
it's not easy to say can't say, hey- did you see the new thing up on
that's why I always write that 'lawrence' put something new up.  that and because the site really is *you* and all.

Also, atari means something much different's been so appropriated, literally even.  hmmm.  tough call ^_^

Haohmaru ;)

Why not roll it all into I like the atarilabs name, but nfg's stuff has little to do with that in any of its forms (classic -> today)


AtariLabs was always supposed to be about deeper exploration of games and all that surrounds them, and I think that's more or less what nfg has been doing, excepting the somewhat unproffesional attitude I've applied to it all.  The concept of AtariLabs was something I felt almost immediately that I couldn't live up to, and so it faltered out of my own sense of inadequacy.

I'm very proud of nfg so far, but I don't know that it would live up to the AtariLabs name.

Maybe I should give it to Infogrames.  =)


Since when are good video game sites "professional"? F That.

I grasp the concept, but Atarilabs implies that it's an Atari site (solely). If I ran across your (Atarilabs) site in a search for, let's say Japanese Java Cell Phone Games, I wouldn't click the link simply because of the misleading title. Well, okay, *I* would click the link, but you get my gist.

Why not VGLabs or videogamelabs or something?


yeah, I felt that the atarilabs name was misleading as well, and in fact have not peroused the archives...partially because of it.

So as a result, I don't know what nfg has to live up to...but I do think the name is too specific, as haohmaru said.

nfg feels more down'n dirty, which is a good way for a game opinion site to be, I think.


I think it should be called with this image on the front page. :P  


Chris, we're trying to drive traffic TO the site, not AWAY from it. ;)

Seven Force

GameSX seems cool, too.

Say do you have a button (so I can put this in my links)?