Ps2 Innards, and "What the hell is this?"

Started by Chizzles, April 06, 2008, 04:42:35 AM

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2 Questions, I would appreciate any answers you have for both of them :)

Ok, recently my PS2 has started scratching my blue CD Rom games, however it only does it when they are loaded with Swap Magic, which is a bitch, as most of my Blue CD games are imports.  I have ruled out the swap magic disc itself, as I have four of them, and it happens on all of them and only seems to be a problem on my PS2 (Other swap magic users, don't seem to experience this).

The problem does not happen at all with DVD Rom games, or blue CD games that are loaded from the native region of the machine without the swap magic - however loading them with the swap magic created the same experience with

Any ideas?  I opened up the machine to take a look, and nothing seems untoward other than some dust.

Second Question:

What the hell is this?

It slid out of the casing when I pulled the top cover off, and I can't for the life of me find a location inside the Ps2 it actually fits in.

Model is slim SCPH 70003


QuoteWhat the hell is this?
That part should be where the support/stand gets screwed, see photo below for reference:


Cheers, as for the laser -
I tried adjusting the pots! The moment I turned it with a screw driver the head came off o_O I didn't even force it.

I guess it's time to buy a new laser


i guess that could have been something to do with the discs getting scratched.. maybe the pot was already stuffed and the drive was poking the laser all the way out into the disc to try for a good read. doesnt really explain why imports were the only problem.. maybe you play them more? :P
blue discs are CDs and silvers are DVDs.. it's common to have a problem with only one of the two. (you can often tell how much content a game will have by that fact alone.. if a first person shooter has a blue disc, you can pretty much bet itll have little to no music and repeated objects and/or enemies throughout the game (half life is a perfect example, though it's an excellent game nonetheless)