Sega Saturn Action Replay "4 in 1"

Started by Chizzles, March 30, 2008, 12:02:04 AM

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A while back, I purchased the 4 in 1 off of ebay, however, it was only recently that I started buying games that actually require the 4 in 1 to be plugged in.

Now this is where odd behaviour starts, while the cart is in, it loads up all of the action replay menus etc, however...   RAM games tell me to insert the RAM cartridge.

I opened it up, and had a look, and there appear to be 4 places where chips should be, and only 3 chips.

I take it the one missing, is the RAM chip?  ???  Any help appreciated


That cart appears like a scam to me. It only has the chips required for the AR software to work.

Let me see if I got it right:
1- cheat codes
2- backup saves
3- multi region

4- Ram expansion ?

So you were scammed just of one option, right ?
You could check the other side of the board to see if there is ram chips (it's a pair of chips, usually).


I have a couple of 4-in-1 carts and none of them look like that inside. In fact, most of them have the 25-pin connector on top for transfer to a PC via the parallel port. This is most likely not a genuine EMS product.

I know that the functionality of a 4-in-1 is convenient, but in my experience you're best served by a toggle-switch region mod on top of a real 4-meg cart. If you need codes, then you're just a dirty cheating sunuvagun. :)


I use the codes for some games that had a PAL release but had features "removed", sometimes all that is needed to bring them back is a simple Action replay code :)

Oh well, looks like it's time to track down a new cart, I can't find any on ebay uk! >_<

My Saturn is modded also, btw.

Cheers for the help. :)


What games are you trying to run? Any Capcom games? You might have gotten yourself a 1Mbit cart, rather than a 4Mbit.

The following games use the 4Meg cart:

-Xmen vs Street Fighter
-Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter
-Vampire Savior
-Street Fighter Zero 3 (Street Fighter Alpha 3)
-Pocket Fighter
-Astra Superstars (OPTIONAL)
-Dungeons & Dragons Collection (Disc 2 only)

And the following games use the 1Meg cart:
-Cyberbots (OPTIONAL)
-Groove on Fight
-Waku Waku 7 (OPTIONAL)
-Marvel Super Heroes (OPTIONAL)
-Fighters History Dynamite
-King of Fighters '96
-King of Fighters '97
-Fatal Fury 3
-Metal Slug
-Real Bout Fatal Fury
-Real Bout Fatal Fury Special
-Cotton 2 (OPTIONAL)
-Samurai Showdown III
-Samuari Showdown IV


We've already established that my cart is fake.

Also, Pocket Fighter works without RAM.

Either that or my Saturn is magic. ;D


Quote from: Chizzles on March 31, 2008, 10:09:32 AMAlso, Pocket Fighter works without RAM.

Either that or my Saturn is magic. ;D
Yeah, Pocket Fighter works both ways.  It works better with the extra RAM.  Note that it requires SOME RAM: taken out of context what you said is pretty bizarre.  Magic indeed!


Also I'd like to mention that some 1MB ram cart games have problems with the original 4MB ram cart.
Newer 1MB ones will work fine with the 4MB cart.
I have an 4MB cart but not 1MB cart. :(


There is a special edition 4Mb/1Mb cart that has a switch on the top that lets you switch between the two :)


if your lucky, you might be able to find the "5 in 1" cart which does everything