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PS2 Chipping

Started by zorrillouk, February 22, 2008, 07:02:57 PM

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I bought a PAL PS2 yesterday on ebay which I am going to pick up tonight. It's slimline but I don't know which version yet.

I may sort out a swapping device but in the long term would prefer to be able to straight boot all regions. All I want to do is play genuine imports.

I appreciate that ps2 modchips are - it seems - hard to get hold of since people in the UK were prosecuted for providing a fitting service but could anyone advise me further? Even if it is just to get hold of the actual chip.

Has anyone ever bought from...


it seems mrmodchips might be coming back online too...

how long has the site been like that?

I understand chipping a ps2 maybe a little '2003' but i'm a generation behind. I bought an NTSC Gamecube a few months ago!

Sorry if I have broken any forum rules.
Any advice is greatly appreciated.


This runs pretty close to my no-piracy rule, but since you specifically mentioned legitimate imports as a reason, I'm going to allow it.

Anyone able to help?


Thanks for that.

Is there a way to mod/chip a ps2 to run only genuine games?


Ok I picked up the PSTWO. It is a V14. I'm thinking I want a Duo3 Ultra?

Also, could anyone give advice on swap magic?

So far I'm PAL safe with Shadow of Colossus, ICO and Okami. These all play at 60Hz and the first two even have features not available on NTSC-USA.

Problem is I'm really want to get into Katamari Damancy!