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Started by NFG, November 27, 2007, 07:52:49 PM

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The forum, and in fact the entire site, has been suffering mightily lately.  It sucks, I know it, and I'm sorry.

I've got a failing hard drive, and the RAID system is locking the system up instead of maintaining uptime like I expected RAID should. 

I'm pretty disgusted. 

The next server maintenance is scheduled for late December.  Please forgive me these troubles as they continue to happen until then.  =(


Are these RAID stuff the Dell ones?  I might be able to get you professional advice if it is.  My father works with Dell all the time on these, and yes, they are shitty.


Nope.  While the server is a DELL, the RAID is from Highpoint (The drives are Hitachi).


I'm unable to add an avatar btw. Just setting a URL to my server, I get the following:

QuoteError 500

Internal Server Error

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Yup, you're right.  Changes to the profile are giving me the same error.

I'm really getting pissed off about it.  >=(

On the bright side the server's backed up as of yesterday.


I moved the DB server to a new machine today, to help minimize downtime should things go funny again.

Still can't edit profiles, but every other part of the system works just fine (!?@#!(@#)


Entire server's now on new hardware.  Shockingly this system is 1/2 the speed of the last one and it runs the webserver just as fast.  I think there was something seriously wrong with the old one, actually.

So no more forum downtime.  FTP services will likely suffer, but you weren't using those anyway.

Still can't save profile changes, not entirely sure what's up with that.


I still can't change my Avatar btw.  I'm stuck with nothing.


Nothing I can do about it at the moment, sorry.