Floppy Disk of X68000 XVI always eject, What's wrong???

Started by rodneyy, November 27, 2007, 01:33:07 AM

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I got X68000 Model XVI from Japan. First of all I test game with R-Type and it works fine. Meanwhile the Power supply was gone. I have already replaced new power supply and work fine. When I insert R-Type to X68000 XVI. Floppy Disk always eject It can not read disk I don't know why??? Because Power supply??
I recheck power supply that does not has any mistake. Please help me........


The X68000 will eject a disk if it doesn't find the boot sector or OS on there.  Inserting a disk backwards is one way to make sure it ejects immediately, but so is using a blank or damaged disk.  This will also happen if your drive is dead - and X68000 drives break quite a lot.

I'd try another game before blaming the hardware.  Have you got any other softs?


I try many game many time because the Floppy Drive was worked with these game but now It does not work. I will clean the Floppy Drive and test it later.