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Started by blackevilweredragon, May 29, 2007, 07:14:29 AM

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Heh, I got my old IBM computer's YM3812 playing YM2612 music.. the result is both interesting, and SCARY.. too be honest, if Balloon park didn't go off key, and the percussions were not there, it would sound almost authentic..

the computer playing these is the computer on the right, with it's little ZIP drive..

specs are as follows:
IBM PS/2 Model 25
NEC V30 Processor (8086 compatible, Z80 native mode)
640K RAM
YM3812 Synthesized Sound

Streets of Rage 2:

Sonic Green Hill Zone:

Sonic Star Light Zone:

Sonic Marble Zone:

Sonic 3 Balloon Park:

Sonic 3 Boss (oh god this one played the worse, literally "forgetting" to change a note too many times):


You are using the YM3812 to play the... uhm, how do I put this...Ah, let's put it like this:

How did you do it? And what exactly have you done?


I converted the GYM files to MIDI, then to CMF, which is native to the YM3812..

So, I converted YM2612 music to YM3812 music..  It's just demonstrating a different synthesizer playing Sega Genesis music, and possibly why SEGA didn't chose the YM3812..


Ah, now I understand, thank you. Was a bit confused there for a while.

And the results are quite similar as you point out, might have been even more similar if it was possible to drop the conversion to MIDI first and instead going directly to CMF.