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Wii Digital Audio

Started by Sembazuru, October 23, 2007, 01:22:56 PM

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I've been surfing this forum for information about getting a TosLink output from the Wii (US version). I've found the Wii AV pinout on the Wiki, and realize that I'll have to make my own adapter of sorts.

My specific application is: My receiver only has 2 component inputs, but I will (eventually) have up to 4 component devices that I want to switch through my receiver to my HDTV. (The receiver doesn't have any HDMI, so that's why I'm not taking that route.) On my current two component devices (PS3 and DVD/VCR recorder) I use the TosLink for audio. I switch them using a Psyclone component switcher. I'll be getting a Wii soon, and will switch it using the Psyclone as well. (I'm trying to keep the things that need to be switched to a minimum so my wife can use the system if I'm not around. Too many things to switch and setup will confuse her.) Unfortunately, in order elegantly use a Wii in the current setup I'll need a S/PDIF over optical (i.e. TosLink) for the audio.

I saw on one of the threads here movax claiming to want to do some research on this a couple months ago, and I was wondering if he (she?) has gotten anywhere.

If not, I'm going to have to roll my own ADC adapter. I was thinking of using the +5V on the Wii A/V connector to power the circuit. Has anyone found out the max current draw for that pin? I've also identified two Cirrus Logic chips that should do what I want, but I'm only at block-diagram and component selection stage so far.

Does anyone want to collaborate with me on this project? (Especially if you live in Philly, PA or Newark, DE areas to make working in person a possibility.) If so, recognize that I plan to make my schematic, BOM, and possible PCB layouts (Gerbers) public domain, only making money off this if someone wants me to build one for them.

Oh, side question here... Can anyone come up with a good technical reason why this won't/can't work?


bloody hell, this place has gone dead.. im reviving the dead all over the place here.
anyway FWIW..

theres no reason why it wouldn't work, but bear in mind that in any situation you can never make any signal better quality than you started with, and by converting the analogue stereo audio from the back of your wii the only thing you're going to gain is the ability to plug it into a different socket at the back of your stereo or whatever you're plugging it into.

in this situation i would probably just make an external converter, therefor letting you plug in any device, not just the wii.

otherwise there might be a real way to get s/pdif out of the wii, but itll still probably be more useful (if not easier) to convert it to optical outside the wii.