Super Famicom AC/DC power plug specs?

Started by CZroe, October 09, 2007, 04:09:59 PM

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My Super Famicom's power plug is long-gone. I need to use it because it is the only one of my four SNES consoles that can output S-Video. It doesn't fit a US SNES plug, though it does fit a US NES plug, which makes me wonder if the Super Famicom accepts AC (I'm not going to simply try it).

I found here that a Sega Genesis/Megadrive model 1 plug would work, and it does, but I'm still concerned enough to want the actual specs. Plus, I need my Genesis plug for the Genesis. ;)


The specs you need should be written on the power adapter.


I don't know the specs off the top of my head, but doesn't the Super Famicom use exactly the same power adapter as the original Famicom? I seem to remember that Nintendo really promoted the idea of interchangeable accessories back in the day, since so many people had a Famicom of some description in their house. Either way, I'm pretty certain that the Super Famicom does not require AC input as a result.

Don't use the NES power supply without checking first, as I'm not sure if the US NES and the JPN Famicom had comparable power requirements. Sorry I can't be more helpful.

-KKC, who can't decide what to have for dinner.


I've found this page:

It states : ACアダプタ(HVC-002) DC10V 850mA

HVC-002 seems to be the same as the Famicom adapter, as Kendrick stated. If you click on the link (  it gives:

入力:AC100V 50/60Hz 18VA 出力:DC10V 850mA 中:マイナス 外:プラス (inside negative, Outside positive)

Lol! that site has an English translation!

"[AC adapter for SNES. There is not AC adaptor only for Super Famicom. because, Super Famicom uses the AC adaptor for FamilyComputer(HVC-002)."
"HVC-002: AC adapter for Family Computer(HVC-001) and Super Famicom(SHVC-001/SHVC-101). Moreover, It can be used by VertualBoy(VUE-001) via AC adapter-tap(VUE-011). The price is �1500.

    Input: AC100V 50/60Hz 18VA, Output: DC10V 850mA center minus (+-@--)


Thanks. Yes, Nintendo originally planned a new Famicom that would take SFC controllers and sit/dock next to it and there are prototype pictures, so they did want to share accessories. I would guess that the Japanese Famicom probably doesn't output AC like the US NES! It looks like they brought us in-line spec-wise with the US SNES AC adapter, but the connector had to be made different so that you would not try an NES adapter with it.

The US Virtual Boy shared the US SNES AC Adapter using the AC Adapter Tap accessory (sold with an adapter and alone).

Thanks a lot. Those specs are the same as the SNES, so it is only a connector difference.


another interesting piece of information, though not relevant (which doesnt matter cos this thread is dead anyway) is that they did the same thing her as in japan (australia) the pal snes adaptor is AC the same as the pal nes adaptor (and us nes adaptor for that matter) same model number and all.