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Connector interference

Started by Agentspikey, January 14, 2004, 08:38:27 am

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I can't really get a RF switch for my saturn, so i decided to use a cuple of 25-pin connectors for a video solution. i have the connectors and the AV cable made, but when i tested the connector it worked, but all i got was rolling system settings text, and a black screen...  but when i directly soldered the AV cable to the PCB, i got a beautiful, interference free picture. is there some kind of stuff i hafta put on the soldering end of the connector, or do i need a hood, or is using chopped off coputer power supply cables a bad idea for video? and dooes anybody know the pinout for the vidoe port on the bottom of the PCB, my soldering iron couldn't melt the solder on the little metal cover on the port for some reason so i can't see what the pinout is....

And if i'm gonna get bashed in a "kind way" don't bother doing it, just tell me to leave.

thanks in advance!


I never bother writing down the pinout for the bottom of the pcb where the port is soldered, but here's what you do.

Get a multimeter with aligator clips.
Use said clip to clip a really small wire.
Plug wire into holes of port.
use other wire to figure out which pin it connects to on the bottom of the pcb.

I've used that method twice now to add a/v ports and a headphone jack to saturns.

If you still need the pinout in a month when I get all finished moving, settled in, and unpacked, I can probably get it for you, especially if you remind me by sending me an email or a message on aim.

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Thanks, but where can you get these multimeters? do they sell them at radio shack, or will a regular hardware store continuity tester work?


yes you can get them at radio shack.  The only test I was suggesting was continuity, so yes a regular hardware store continuity tester should do the job.  I have a continuity tester I built one evening when I couldn't find my multimeter and nothing was open.  If you have a couple batteries, some wire, and an LED laying around you should be able to make one fairly quickly.

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Oh, cool thanks, i'll make that right now.  One more q and i'll leave you alone, what kind of battery?


I used two AA's so that it would make +3VDC which is what the LED I had laying around wanted.

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Thanks so much, if this works i'll document the pinouts and post them tomorrow