Genesis power supplys

Started by nyder, May 25, 2007, 06:20:35 AM

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I have 3 genesis, 1 version 1, 2 verions 2's.

I don't have the power supplies for them, of course.  I do know what they require, as it's written on the bottom.

ver 1 DC 9v 1.2A
ver 2 DC 10v .85A

My question is, does anyone know how specific the genesis are to the power supplies?

Here's the 3 PS I found that might work with ver 1:
8.5VAC 1.35AMP  <-- This isn't DC is it?
+9V (Then a line, with 3 smaller lines between it) 1.1A
9V DC 1000mA

The lines I printed are what they printed after the OUTPUT: part on the ps adaptor thingies.

Can someone tell me which adaptors might work, which won't, and the reason behind it?  Don't have to be detailed, just the basic reason why it won't work (doesn't convert to dc, not enough amps, so on)



Here's the essentials:

You want somewhere between 8 and 10 VDC, not AC. Direct current is what's important for this type of adapter. The voltage can have a lot of slop because it gets regulated inside the Genesis, so the number isn't too important. Amperage can be anywhere from 850 to 1200 ma.

The important part is polarity. The Genesis 1 used a negative tip, positive sheath, like the Atari Jaguar. The Genesis 2 used a positive tip and a negative sheath and a slightly smaller connector. Make sure you look at the polarity of the adapter you decide to use, else you'll blow fuses. Hope that helps you out.



Okay, thanks.

So I assume if the adaptor don't say DC on it, it's not?

And why the heck isn't the polatiry standard on those types of connectors?  Seems to me the tip should always be postive and the sleeve negative, but I guess greed and proprietary connecters rules the roost.

I guess I'll just do it the easy way and go hunt down some genesis PS's.

thanks for the reply, I'm not sure if pluggin the wrong one would ruin it, but I don't care to find out the bad way.

I was just itching to play some NBA Jam again, it's been so long, though it's more fun playing against someone or 3.