[tech] Neogeo the mystery ?!

Started by Dr.Wily, April 29, 2007, 10:10:41 PM

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All around the internet you find more or less easily technical stuff about your preferred console. This place it's heaven for guys (me first) who want absorb a lot of obscures technicals specifications like devkit, development tips, chips datasheet, diagram...

However, there is a minority of console who are not well documented, even on common point like graphic capabilities, chips function, memory, datasheet. It's the case of the Neogeo. How a very famous console like Neoego have only so few documentation ? My best friends, Google, Yahoo, Altavista and Co. refuse to give me any information about old crap dusty Neogeo chips  !

This is why I ask here, question is very "simple" : what is it ?

On Neogeo AES (board rev2)

- neo-go (unknow)
- neo-d0 (unknow)
- LSPC (sprite processor ??)
- neo-c1 (unknow)
- LSPC (sprite processor ??)  
- NeoB1 (unknow)

On cart (MVS, but AES contains same chips)

- PCM (sound ? no... Bankswitch, probably...)
- neo-273 (there too... unknow...)

Humm... Others questions... yes, about YM2610, PSG sound is a part of this sound processor or it's built in another chip (like Genesis VDP) or stand alone chip.
Thank ! I am thirsty of knowledge


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If you're interested in the chip-by-chip functionality, I'd like to suggest that you check out one of the many well-known Neo Geo emulators. You might also want to broaden your search parameters to include the term "MVS" that represents the arcade hardware as opposed to the home console. Since there's very little difference between the home and commercial boards, most likely the documentation you want is standardized and not backward-engineered like it is for other home game systems.

-KKC, feeling manly after changing the oil in the girlfriend's car.