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Started by Lagi, February 07, 2007, 09:29:03 AM

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Hello everybody,

I was dreaming on pictures from a Navi Saturn, and I could have noticed that there is a wire out of the lcd screen which is usually supplied with. This wire deserves to go on the A/V out of the Saturn, right ?

Then, I read in Gamesx cart pinouts that Navi Saturn was only composite, unless you modded it into RGB. Ok, but then, would it always work on the lcd screen if the Hi-Saturn becomes RGB ?

If yes, is there an improvement on the lcd screen, compared to the composite display ?

If no, does that mean we are compelled to play in composite on the lcd screen ?

Thank you for your answers.


The Navi screen is ONLY composite video.  The Navi has no RGB output until you perform the RGB mod.

After you do the mod, the screen still only uses composite.

The screen has a VERY coarse dot-pitch, with lower resolution than the PCEngine LT.  Composite video does not look bad on this screen, there's no reason to change it to RGB (nor can you if you wanted to!)

Put another way, the Navi screen looks good in composite, there's no real reason to upgrade it.

...I've been tempted to put a PSOne LCD into the Navi's screen case, for the higher resolution and newer technology.  Haven't really gotten around to it yet, but it WILL fit - I checked.  =)


It would be great, yes, if you could do that ^^

Please let me know.

I guess the display will always be composite with this PSone lcd screen, given Navi Saturn's AV/out remains composite, right ?



MINE will be RGB, since I've modded my Navi to output RGB (And the PSOne screen accepts RGB).  If you use a PSOne screen you'll need to mod your Navi for RGB also.


Okay, it looks great. Navi Saturn on a LCD screen in RGB. It has a taste of perfection. I looked on ebay, is that the official lcd screen by Sony that you can find in the PSOne combo pack that you have ?

Has the lcd screen for PSOne the same ports to hook up on a navi Saturn ???

Thank you.


Perhaps I wasn't clear:

You have to take apart the navi screen, remove the old LCD, and put the new PSone LCD inside.  then you have to re-do the cable going to the Navi, and rewire the inside of the Navi to provide RGB.  I don't even know if it's possible, the PSone screen might require different power than the Navi offers.


The PSOne LCD requires 7.5v, however this powers EVERYTHING including the speakers. I've run the screen off 5v successfully with the volume turned off, however it wasn't "perfect", a little dim.
I'd just recommend pulling at least 7.5v from the NAVI somewhere internally, and using a resistor to limit down to 7.5v. You should be able to find a 9v or 12v point somewhere in your NAVI right?

I replaced the backlight in my PSOne LCD with an LED array powered off a 5v point inside the screen, so the entire 7.5v isn't necessary for the screen itself (As it also runs pass-through to power the PSOne) but the screen WILL NOT work correctly without 7.5v supplied, PSOne attached or not.

Oh and I don't know about the PAL PSOne LCDs, but my NTSC screen accepts composite through an extra port.

A Murder of Crows

Lawrence, Did you ever mod the LCD? 

I recently became the owner of a Navi without the screen and was thinking of doing this very project, but since i do not have the Navi screen to start out with, i wondered about having one 3D printed to come close to original but with stereo audio and hopefully a lot more sleek.  I figure that using the guts of the PSOne screen would give me the best output.


I never bothered, because I reckoned I wouldn't play it often enough to justify the effort.  So beyond sizing up the screen's internals, I never went farther with the idea.

A Murder of Crows

man, that is unfortunate for me.  You were probably my only hope of getting those specs.