Saturn switchless - not quite working

Started by Schmeetz, January 26, 2007, 07:41:12 AM

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Hey there,

I have a little problem with the Saturn switchless mod, as it doesn't seem to be switching at all. What happens is that depending on where I solder the wire on the reset button it's either JP or US (on all four points, 2 for each region) but doesn't actually switch when I press it.

Now, the problem may be that I have the whole thing backwards on the Megadrive controller chip and that I got away lucky. Thing is, for the orientation I took pin #1 on the upper left side of the chip if you're looking at it from above (with the pins downward and the indentation on top). Can someone confirm that this is actually how I should be looking at it? If not, that will tell me what to do (change the whole layout and feel stupid), if so, anybody have an idea how this is possible?

Thanks in advance, I know it's not terribly exciting but you'd help me out greatly if anyone can clear this up. Thanks!



On both of the ones I've done I have to hold the button down for a few seconds to get it to switch, a simple press won't do anything.