CDX/32X compatibility

Started by Nip-Ring, January 05, 2004, 04:07:14 PM

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Is there any way to ensure this?


Despite popular belief, the two are entirely compatable.  However, you will likely need a US 32X system



You mean popular belief as in the "Compatible with all Genesis units except Genesis CDX" sticker on the US 32X box ?

Have you actually tried it ? I'm not sure it even physically fits in...



It fits, but i have never gotten it to work. Thats why i though maybe someone has had some definitive experience with this combination.


I've done it, it works.  The only reason Sega said it wouldn't was because of FCC regulations, or approval not obtained or something similar.  There is no question that a 32X works with a CDX.


Yes I have actually tried it and it works.  Its hooked up in my room right now....
make sure the A/V cables are inserted in the right places...move the wires around if you don't get a screen.  It works for sure though.  


I've also done this, never had any problems.  


Does it work with a Genesis 3?
Why are you reading this?


As far as I know NOTHING works with a genesis-3.  ;)