Dreamcast mod chip problems

Started by Max P., December 16, 2006, 02:27:26 AM

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Max P.

Wonder if anyone can help?

I have installed a 4 wire mod chip in my Japan DC but it still will not recognise Pal or US discs.  Everything has been checked, triple checked and checked a dozen more times.  I've done mods to consoles since '91 but this is infuriating.

Chip is here:


Any ideas why it might not work?  Is it possibly a faulty or non-programmed chip?!


You sure the chip is compatible with your particular Dreamcast? As I recall, the Katana 2.1 isn't compatible with that final four-wire chip. Let's see, do I have a link? Yes I do:


NCS is an importer in New York that's a bit more informed than the guy selling PIC chips at the computer show. They have a short guide to help you identify your motherboard revision so that you can tell if the mod chip will work or not. Good luck.


Max P.

Hi, thanks for the quick reply.  My DC is a launch model - very early with the cooling pipe/metal fan surround.  Only thing I can think is that the chip is faulty...?  It continues to boot Jap discs fine but just will not recognise my UK or US games...

There seem to be quite a few different 4 wire chips about - the three or four I have seen pics of use different wiring points on the chips so presumably are not all from the same source.



Had a few emails back from the supplier - very helpful but no answer why!  They are sending me another so I cannot complain about the service.