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Wireless USB Hub

Started by Shadow_Zero, November 22, 2006, 07:28:35 PM

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Perhaps not really a topic for this forum, but perhaps you guys can help me out  :)
(at least Lawrence perhaps, since he lives in Japan  :P )

I was perhaps interested in the Y-E Data YD-300 wireless usb hub:

As far as I understand it's only released in Japan and so far I haven't been able to find a export webshop.
Anyone know how/where I could get it?


Just FYI, I don't like in Japan anymore.  I'm in Brisbane, .au.

Zumi's in Japan for a short while.  If you don't mind paying her exorbitant rates for shopping for you, she can get one...

I'll check for a place she can buy it.


I heard they're sold out and it's a wait for the new batch.
With that, they actually cost between $200 and $300!

So I'll wait with my wireless usb wish for now   ^^


I asked a JP dealer about it, and they said the manufacturer does not sell to other resellers.  They're only available direct.  Weird.